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Spring Intro to Trails

Registration is CLOSED.

Program Overview:

This 5-week series is unique among MCRRC’s training offerings and as such we are a bit different and leaner than our program “cousins.” We will meet only on Saturdays, and there are no extras like shirts or award dinners. However, there will be solid coaching, pacing and instruction for every run, and in the spirit of trail running, plenty of dirt and trees and beautiful scenery to enjoy! We will focus on helping runners become more comfortable running on increasingly rugged terrain, as they explore a series of local trails.

Though the series does not target any particular event, running trails will help to provide a stronger base for runners who plan to participate in one of MCRRC’s summer programs or as a beginning to their own independent summer training.

Cost Info:

The cost of the program is $25. MCRRC Membership is required for participation.

Everyone will need to provide their own water (required for every run), fuel and first aid supplies as needed. Anyone who wants to bring food or after-run treats for the group is welcome to that on their own. 

Dates/Target Race:

Saturday, April 30 – Saturday, May 28, 2016. Workouts start at 7:00am. There is no target race for this program; however, there are a number of trail races in the area that we can point you to should you want a goal race. As you develop trail camaraderie with your training buddies on Saturdays, our hope is that participants will carry that over for potential mid-week trail workouts as they discover this “rugged” side of running. Our first two Saturday workouts will be about 6 miles; the second two weeks 7-8 miles; and the final run 8-10 miles. And if you are not ready to tackle this kind of mileage, as long as you have a trail buddy AND inform your pacer, you are welcome to shorten your run at any time.

Program Staff:

Program Directors – Paul & Mary Foster

Both of the directors and a number of the pacers are certified running coaches and all are trail runners who will provide both general training advice and trail specific direction. We all want to see you succeed!


Our orientation will take place prior to our first run at the Agricultural History Farm Park Offices. The address is 18400 Muncaster Rd, Derwood, MD 20855. Park in the lot to the side of the Administrative Building there and we will convene together there at 7am. We will run at 7:30am.

Workouts/Pace Groups:

First Saturday Run: April 30, 2016 at 7:00am at Agricultural History Farm Park at 18400 Muncaster Rd, Derwood, MD 20855. Please use this link to see the location on Google maps. We meet in the main parking lot on the side of the building complex.

The run schedule will be posted to our Yahoo! group, so all participants NEED to join the group if they want to see where and when we’re running.

Communication Methods: We will use a Yahoo group to facilitate communications. Everyone will be required to join this group to participate in the program. A link the program’s Yahoo group will be provided in the confirmation message you receive after joining the program, or you will otherwise be invited to join. Participants are also required to join MCRRC-info , the club’s listserv for delivering important club information including race announcements or changes, track closures due to weather or other issues, etc. When joining any of the Yahoo groups, please include your first and last name in the “comment from user” field so that your membership to the group can be verified.

Volunteer Requirement: MCRRC is a volunteer organization. The staff for this and all other training programs as well as that of all the races we conduct are volunteers. To support the club, participants in this program will be asked to volunteer for at least one, if not more, club races or events.

Disclaimer: The program director reserves the right in his sole discretion to refuse admission to the program or dismiss any individual from the program whom the program director believes is unsuited for running the specified distance, or is unable to meet the demands of the training schedule, or is disruptive to other program participants. Those individuals will be denied entry into the program or dismissed from the program as appropriate. The program director also reserves the right to limit the number of participants in the overall program or in individual pace groups. MCRRC has a No Refund policy. Program registration fees cannot be refunded due to injury, schedule conflict or any other reason.