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Beginning Women Runners (March – June)

Registration is CLOSED.

Program Overview:

Goals and Purpose of Program: This low-key program, geared specifically for women,  will train you to complete a 5k (3.1 mile) race – whether you’ve never run before in your life or you’re easing back to running after an injury or childbirth..

The Beginning Women Runner (BWR) program provides a structured, supportive environment for you to gain fitness and also meet other women with similar goals. This is a non-competitive program for women of all shapes, sizes and skill level where each individual can progress at her own pace according to her ability.

Along the way, you’ll discover strengths you never knew you had, and make wonderful new friendships with your circle of running buddies!

The program continues for 12 weeks with two coached sessions per week. Our volunteer coaches provide participants with individual attention and encouragement throughout the runs. In addition, you’ll get informal instruction on various aspects of training – including running gear, form and nutrition.

Please note that we will run on many different trails, all around Montgomery County. By the end of BWR, you will have experienced some of the most scenic and enjoyable trails the area has to offer!

Prerequisites: All participants must be members of MCRRC in order to join this program. Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

Cost/Premium Info: The program cost is $40 and includes the cost of a technical running program shirt, which you will receive during the course of the BWR program.

Registration fee does not include entry to the target race Run for Roses 5K (updates coming soon!) in June, nor does it include club membership fee.


Target Race:  Run For Roses 5K (updates coming soon!), Saturday, June 17th at Wheaton Regional Park, though this program will prepare you for any other summer 5k. The registration fee for the BWR program does not include entry to Run For Roses.

Program Staff:

Head Coach/Director: Laura Evans, RRCA Certified Coach


Date/Time: Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 7:00 PM

Location: Track at Montgomery College, Rockville Campus, 900 Hungerford Drive, Rockville

Details: You’ll receive an overview of the program followed by a brief time trial on the track so that we know which pace group will suit you best.

Workouts/Pace Groups:

Pace Group Information: Pace groups will be determined from the time trial given at orientation (this is very low key – you do not have to run all of it and you may walk portions if needed), additional time trials will be done as needed at Tuesday workouts the first few weeks until registration closes (April 17, 2016).

Workouts: Tuesdays @ 7 PM – Montgomery College, Rockville Campus, 900 Hungerford Drive, Rockville.

Saturdays @ 7:30 AM, varying location

Participants will also be expected to run on their own at least one other time during the week.  If you cannot make a workout, please attempt to keep up with the schedule on your own.  If you maintain steady progress, you will be successful in completing the 5K in June.

Inclement Weather Policy:  Running is an all-weather sport, so we will still run if it rains, unless there is lightning. Cancellations or postponements to the workouts will be posted to the Yahoo group as soon as possible so you can adjust your schedule and complete the workout on your own; these notifications will be posted no later than 1 hour before our scheduled workout via our Yahoo group.

Communication: Communication is done mainly through our yahoo group, you either will be invited or must ask to be added to the group in order to get emails about workouts and other information throughout the season.

Communication Methods: We will use a Yahoo group to facilitate communications. Everyone will be required to join this group to participate in the program. A link the program’s Yahoo group will be provided in the confirmation message you receive after joining the program, or you will otherwise be invited to join. Participants are also required to join MCRRC-info , the club’s listserv for delivering important club information including race announcements or changes, track closures due to weather or other issues, etc. When joining any of the Yahoo groups, please include your first and last name in the “comment from user” field so that your membership to the group can be verified.

Volunteer Requirement: MCRRC is a volunteer organization. The staff for this and all other training programs as well as that of all the races we conduct are volunteers. To support the club, participants in this program will be asked to volunteer for at least one, if not more, club races or events.

Disclaimer: The program director reserves the right in his sole discretion to refuse admission to the program or dismiss any individual from the program whom the program director believes is unsuited for running the specified distance, or is unable to meet the demands of the training schedule, or is disruptive to other program participants. Those individuals will be denied entry into the program or dismissed from the program as appropriate. The program director also reserves the right to limit the number of participants in the overall program or in individual pace groups. MCRRC has a No Refund policy. Program registration fees cannot be refunded due to injury, schedule conflict or any other reason.