Tuesday / Thursday Easy Runs


Enjoy running with others at a conversational pace on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Runners and walkers at all paces are welcome. (All conversation topics are welcome, too!) There are a variety of routes from 4 to 8 miles. You do not need to be a club member to participate in these runs. There is no fee.

We occasionally see evenings with few participants so if you would like to express interest or get a sense of whether others at your pace/distance are coming on any particular evening, use the T/Th yahoo group. Conversation about related topics (routes, carpooling, where to eat afterward, etc.) is fine too. If you find these emails interrupt your work, filter them to a folder that you can check at your leisure.

We start running at 6:30 PM or within a few minutes after. (On particularly frigid nights, we may start a few minutes early if everyone who has posted to the yahoo group has arrived.) Afterward, some of us occasionally seek out interesting and inexpensive restaurants for a post-run dinner or drink.


September 15 - April 9

County Council Building Parking Garage - Southwest of the intersection of E Jefferson St and Monroe St in Rockville, MD. Parking garage must be entered from E Jefferson after coming through intersection with Maryland Av. Garage is free to exit after 6:30pm. Meet at ground level of parking garage.

We run on the streets and sidewalks of Rockville combined with paved trails such as parts of the Millenium Trail. All runs share a common 2.75M after which people running different distances take different routes.

It's dark out there! Wear reflective vests and bring a headlamp or flashlight.  Blinking lights that can be attached to clothing are also popular.

There are water fountains and bathrooms available within the County Council Building.  Walk through the parking lot. Pass the fish pond to get to the back door of the building. Inside the building, turn right at the guard office and after a few steps, you'll see a fountain and bathrooms on your right.


April 10 - September 14

Needwood Lake Circle - Park in 2nd parking lot as you go round the circle.  Meet at south end of parking lot.

There are options for paved and unpaved trails:

Paved Trail: We run out and back on the Rock Creek Trail heading south. There are fountains at miles 1.8 and 3.65 (and again on the way back, of course).

Unpaved Trail: We run a 2.5M loop around Lake Needwood. Some people repeat the loop for additional mileage. (Also consider the Carderock Thursday runs which take place on the unpaved C&O Towpath and sometimes run on the trails in the nearby hills.)

Both the paved and unpaved trails are shared with cyclists, strollers, and wildlife. Both trails are wooded and usually a bit cooler than the street temperature.

There is a portapotty at the south end of the parking lot where the run begins.

You are welcome to run here on your own during the winter season but you must come significantly earlier than 6:30pm to avoid Needwood's rule that the park closes at sunset.


Administrator & Contact: 

Don Libes

Thanks to our previous T/Th Easy Run administrators:
2007-2012 Debbie Shulman and Barbara Attardi
2002-2007 Richie Weiss