Winter Trail Running Training Program

Registration for the 2015 Program is CLOSED.
Registration Date: 
Monday, September 1, 2014
Program Overview: 

Goals and Purpose of Program:This training program is designed to improve trail running skills, in addition to building stamina and strength necessary for success in trail races. NEW FOR 2014/15... We will  offer a shorter trail run each week of 7- 10 miles total, at a seperate locale AND a  longer trail run of 16-25 miles. The longer run program will be designed to prepare runners for the Greenway Trail Marathon/50K in Early March.  The program can be adapted for other early spring trail races as well. Both the shorter and longer trail runs will utilize a different trail every week, 13 trails in 13 weeks...


The program is open to everyone who has completed at least a recent half marathon. The longer run option will be best utilized by runners who have completed a recent full marathon. Those contemplating our target race should have recently ran a marathon or have done several half marathons. No previous trail running experience is required, although beneficial.

Is this the program for you?  This program will be best for runners of all paces or abilities that...

- can run distances of 10 miles or more

- have experience or would like to learn to run safely on trails

- are targeting a trail race in late winter or spring of 13 miles to 50k+

- are ok with running in the cold and through the snow

- do not mind getting their feet wet or their clothes muddy

- know that trail running can be hard and everybody falls, and some may get injured.

- appreciate that trail running is a great core workout too

- like inclines so steep you are forced to walk and descents so tricky that you have to slide on your butt

- do not obsess about exact mileage or split times


Cost/Premium Info: 

The cost of the program is $65. No race registration is included. All trainees will receive a premium to be determined.


Dates/Target Race: 


Orientation and our first run will be Saturday December 6, 2014, 7:30 am @ Black Hill Park.... .

Target Race: 

The program will target the Seneca Creek Greenway Marathon/50K in early March. The program can be adapted for other early spring trail races as well. No race is needed.

Program Staff: 

Head Coach/Director:  Barry Hauptman


Barry is a semi-retired Equine veterinarian spending his newly found free time with family, running and coaching. Certified by the RRCA in 2008, he remained under the tutelage of Mike Broderick for 2 additional years. Barry has  led the Summer Half Marathon Program the last 3 summers, led the Winter Trail program the  last 2 years, coached in the 5K program 3 seasons and has private clients ranging from sub 3 hour marathoners to beginners. Barry has completed 25 marathons( 7 Bostons), and 20 plus ultras ranging from 50K- to 100 Miles(including Vermont and Leadville). He is co Race director the the Stone Mill 50 M

Support Staff:

Daryl Hultquist (CO HEAD COACH-DIRECTOR) has been a member of MCRRC since 2005, runs almost exclusively on trails and has completed approximately 70 marathons and ultras(including Western States, Leadville, and Vermont). Daryl has led the Summer and Winter Trail programs assisted with the Summer Half Marathon Program, the 5k program and is the co race director for an The Stone Mill 50 M and another ultra marathon. Daryl was also the co-founder of MCRRC's Green Team.

Kristin Welch is a Business Manager with URS Corporation. She has been running for over 10 years and set a PR of 21:12 at the Vermont 100 in July 2012. Kristin has coached in the Winter and Summer Trail programs. In addition, she’s competed in multi-day stage events and cycled across the country in 2006.

Michael Welch  is a Principal Geologist/Project Manager with URS Corporation. He began running in 2003, has completed 9 marathons (2 Boston) and 25 ultras ranging from 50K- to 170 Miles. Michael has coached in both the Winter and Summer trail Program. In addition, he’s competed in multi-day stage events and cycled across the country in 2006. He is working towards the Ultra Slam of 4 x 100 M in 10 weeks...




Orientation and our first run will be Saturday December 6, 2014 at 7:30 AM  

Location: Black Hill Park

Workouts/Pace Groups: 

Pace Group Information: 

We will be unique in our approach here. We will base many of our efforts on time vs. mileage. We not only allow, but encourage walking breaks. Runners will be paired with runners of similar skills and we will have both pace coaches and a buddy system in place. For our longest trail runs, we will ask that runners have phones with them and utilize the phones if either need or questions arise. We will also using phones to communicate when all runners are back to their cars.


We will formally meet weekly on Saturday mornings at 7:30 am.  Location will vary throughout the program.( we will not meet during the workweek, due to darkness...and the face that running in the dark is not part of our goal race...)

Safety Notice:

We will group runners based on pace.  We will stay in our groups, there will be no individual runners (we will use the buddy system on each trail run and you will be responsible for each other)

Coaches will be notified immediately if illness, injury or inability to keep up with your group

The Head Coach has the right to cancel any run based on treacherous winter conditions(driving and or running)

All Runners will check in with the Head Coach for each run, and check out with the same coach when completed.

At least one member of each buddy group will carry a cell phone with him/her. The coaches will do the same. The phone numbers of the coaches are for use during our group runs only. Call if ill, lost, injured, or unable to maintain pace with your group. We will also utilize calls and or texting to ensure all runners have safely returned to their cars/homes.

Communication Methods: We will use a Yahoo group to facilitate communications.  Everyone will be required to join this group to participate in the program.  A link the program’s Yahoo group will be provided in the confirmation message you receive after joining the program, or you will otherwise be invited to join.  Participants are also required to join MCRRC-info , the club's listserv for delivering important club information including race announcements or changes, track closures due to weather or other issues, etc. When joining any of the Yahoo groups, please include your first and last name in the "comment from user" field so that your membership to the group can be verified.

Volunteer Requirement: MCRRC is a volunteer organization.  The staff for this and all other training programs as well as that of all the races we conduct are volunteers.  To support the club, participants in this program will be asked to volunteer for at least one, if not more, club races or events.

Disclaimer: The program director reserves the right in his sole discretion to refuse admission to the program or dismiss any individual from the program whom the program director believes is unsuited for running the specified distance, or is unable to meet the demands of the training schedule, or is disruptive to other program participants.  Those individuals will be denied entry into the program or dismissed from the program as appropriate.  The program director also reserves the right to limit the number of participants in the overall program or in individual pace groups.  MCRRC has a No Refund policy.  Program registration fees cannot be refunded due to injury, schedule conflict or any other reason.