Saturday Trail Run – Rock Creek

Saturdays at 7:30am (8am in the winter starting the third Saturday in October through the last Saturday in April)
Location with directions/map: 

Meadowbrook Stables

From 495, take Connecticut Ave south; turn left at East-West Highway. Turn right at Meadowbrook Lane, one light to the east of Beach Drive.  Continue down Meadowbrook Lane past the stables to the parking area. 


The DC area is blessed with some wonderful trails for off-road running. Any of the runs are suitable for the first-time trail runner who doesn't mind roots, rocks, hills and some mud. The pace is slower on the trails than on road and with a little practice it is not hard to adapt to uneven terrain. The rewards of trail running make it well worth the effort, so give one of these runs a try.

Discover another side of Rock Creek Park and join us for informal runs along the dirt trails. The group leaves from the ball fields just past Meadowbrook Stables for a 7-mile loop. We recommend that you can do at least 11-minute-per-mile road pace and don't mind hills. Please let us know if you're new to the trail so we can match you with a partner.