Green Team

The MCRRC Green Team is a group of MCRRC members with a goal to minimize the waste and carbon footprint generated by MCRRC events. See our reoccurring articles in Crossroads.


About 400 pairs of shoes collected at Pike’s Peek 10K 2011! Thanks to all who donated!

Shoes went to PPPF Africa or to the Nike Reuse-a-Shoe Program

Donating Used Sneakers

Where can I donate used sneakers?

If you can’t wait for our Club shoe drives at Pike’s Peek or Parks Half-Marathon, you can visit many of the local running stores to donate used, but not abused, sneakers. Please see our list below. The list may not be complete, so if you know of any other places accepting used shoes, please feel free to let us know at

Fleet Feet

Donates gently worn shoes to Interfaith Works

Pacers Running Store

Sneaker collection bin at all locations. Donates to PPPF Africa

Potomac River Running

Sneaker collection bin at all locations. Donates to PPPF Africa

RnJ Sports

Sneaker collection bins. Donates to local church group.

Upcoming Events

Targeted Races for 2011

In 2011, the Green Team will be targeting the following races for major recycling efforts and shoe drives:

  • Pikes Peek 10K Spring Shoe Drive
  • Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K
  • Going Green Track Meet
  • Parks Half Marathon Fall Shoe Drive
  • Halloween Young Run

Sneaker Drive Results

The Green Team has donated over 2,500 pairs of shoes to local and international organizations.

  • Spring 2011: 400 pairs
  • Fall 2010: 538 pairs
  • Spring 2010: 858 pairs
  • Fall 2009: 698 pairs
  • Spring 2009: 603 pairs

What do we want to do?

  • Identify and provide services to help make races more eco-friendly.
  • Reduce pollution and waste, conserve our resources, and preserve our environment for future generations of runners.

How do we want to achieve our goals?


  • Encourage public transportation or carpooling for events
  • Use eco-friendly printing
  • Use more environmentally-friendly race premiums
  • Use organic t-shirts, race bags, and foods
  • Support online registration for races
  • Use recycled/biodegradable cups and port-o-potty supplies
  • Use clean solar power for races
  • Offer carbon offsets to participants


  • Donate surplus food from races to local food pantries
  • Organize food waste collection for composting
  • Organize running shoe donation drives
  • Use permanent reusable signage for events


  • Implement on-site race recycling and waste removal for all races
  • Organize clothing and shoe recycling drives

How can you help?

  • Volunteer your time, energy, and ideas
  • Look for our booth at the next club race
  • Use the recycle bins at the race
  • Check back for updates on how you can help in upcoming events
  • Email us at

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