The purpose of the finance committee is to provide oversight and guidance for MCRRC in financial matters

  • Provide guidance to organize/restructure MCRRC’s financial affairs in the manner of a small business 
  • Advise the treasurer/Board before and during the process of an audit
  • Provide guidance to the Board on large purchases/financial commitments (i.e., analysis of practicability, return on investment, and fiscal responsibility)
  • Provide guidance to the treasurer during the annual budget process
  • Provide guidance to the treasurer/Board regarding investment decisions
  • Review MCRRC’s financial policies; create new policies as necessary

Chair – Bill Loomis

Board Liaison – Susie Kinnecome

Members – Paula Knutson, Jeff Lowe, Susan Debad

Current Initiatives: 
  • Make recommendations for the implementation of MCRRC’s Investment Policy
  • Provide oversight of the hiring process for a Bookkeeper
  • Provide guidance to Treasurer during the annual budget process