Board of Directors

MCRRC's Board of Directors and Club Officers invite all club members to the monthly board meeting, normally held on the first Thursday evening of each month at MCRRC's facilities at 14672-J Southlawn Lane in Rockville. Please let the board know if you plan to make a presentation at one of the meetings, so that you can be put on the agenda. 

Board of Directors and Officers

Don Shulman

Don is the former leader of MCRRC's 10K Program and is the Co- Race Director for the Parks Half Marathon.   He can been seen volunteering at many MCRRC races and has also coached the Cancer to 5K Program for the Ulman Cancer Fund.

Mike Acuna
Vice President

Mike has been active in MCRRC since 2002 and has served in many volunteer roles from coaching with Speed Development to race director for the Parks Half Marathon. Avid runners, he and his wife Gina participate in the clubs training programs and have raced every distance from the mile to 50 miler including a few Bostons. They live in Gaithersburg with their two kids and lazy dog.

Becca Kinney

Becca is an avid runner and just tackled her first (and not last!) half marathon.  She is a CPA and has over 13 years of experience in public accounting - experience she hopes to use in serving the MCRRC members.  She also has a strong interest in youth athletics driven by her participation in competitive golf from a young age.  Becca has three young children who you will see by her side at many of the club's races.


Doug Watt

This is Doug’s second year on the board and seventh in the club. He is a regular participant in races and training programs, an active volunteer, and served on the Volunteer Committee. His frequent participation in a wide variety of club activities gives Doug a good grasp on the variety of club members and activities.

Danielle Jones
Member at Large

Danielle has been a MCRRC member for the past five years and this is her second year on the Board of Directors. Danielle has been an active volunteer over the years as a pace coach for many of the club's programs. She enjoys sharing her running enthusiasm with club members, especially those new to the sport.

Yvette Ju
Member at Large

Yvette has been an active member in the MCRRC for 5 years and this is her first year on the board.  Easily influenced by her MCRRC sweatsisters, she now runs multiple marathons a year and recently became a pace coach with FTM.

Kimberly Price
Member at Large

Kimberly has been a club member for 12 years, has served in many volunteer roles and has participated in several club training programs.  Currently she is a race director, administrator of the Speed Development Program, and coordinator of the Youth Running Participation Series.  Over the years, she has raced at nearly every distance including a handful of marathons plus one ultra.


Susan Lynch
Member at Large

Susan has been a club member for seven years and this is her first year serving on the Board.  Susan has been a Pace Coach for the First Time Marathon Program and for the Winter Half Program for several years.  Susan has recently ventured out onto the trails and into the world of ultrarunning.    Susan is eager to share her knowledge of the County’s magnificent trails and key Regional races not to miss.

Andrea Keane-Myers
Member at Large

Andrea has been a club member for 12 years and has participated in numerous club distance training programs (FTM, XMP, SDP etc.).  She has run just about every race the club offers (minus a few of the cross country races- her "grace" on trails is legendary). She has been lucky enough to win her age group in the Championship Series four of the past five years.  Andrea has also volunteered at medical stations for the Parks Half Marathon and the Greenway Trail 50K, helped prepare food and served as a course marshal at a large number of races, and handed out gallons of water and ice cubes at Riley’s Rumble. She has completed 26 marathons (so far) and the JFK 50 miler- where she managed to trip and fall on an embedded reflector on the road within the first mile.  When not volunteering and completing races for MCRRC with the rest of the Myers family, she can be seen running with, and trying not to trip over, her trusty Weimeraner, Nimby the Magnificent.

Nancy Joy Keller
Member at Large

Nancy has been a club member for just over two years now.  She began running with BWR in 2013, and has remained an active participant in successive programs ever since.  She loves running in the back of the pack and reaping the benefits of such a supportive group!  Nancy is an avid proponent of the phrase "trust in the program" and has decided that is is time to give back to the club community.  She is currently a pace coach for BWR (2015), and plans to start training for her first marathon with FTM (2015).  Her husband serves as her greatest inspiration; she has admired his self-discipline throughout his incredible journey to completing his second Ironman triathlon this past year.  Together with their two dogs, they enjoy living nearby the trails surrounding Lake Needwood.


Gretchen Bolton
Member at Large

Gretchen has been an Alpine skier since her early 20's and also did dance ice skating, but didn't start running as a sport until she was 62 years old, 7 years ago, finding a sports home very soon with MCRRC, its races and training programs.  She has now run in 14 marathons (2 dnf'd, one bombed), at least 5 ultra trail races, and numerous shorter races, in which she has often placed 1,2 or 3, or both 1st and last, in age group.  She's been injured and recovered, become a coach, paced for people and been a official pacer for a race, as well as other volunteering for various Club races.  Now she figures it's time to "pay my dues", starting her first year of service on the Board, to pay back for all she have gotten out of this wonderful sport and Club. In her "real" life, she's a financial planner and investment advisor/broker, with, oddly enough, previous professional experience in international affairs.  She's served on a number of non-profit boards, including as Treasurer and then President of the local swim club and also on the board of a figure skating club.  She hopes some of these experiences can help MCRRC too.  Living in Bethesda with her non-running husband, Gretchen is a representative of the down-county contingent in the club.